This type of bracelet becomes more and more trendy.

Cuff bracelets are more bold and grander type, and often are decorated with crystals or stones. A well chosen cuff bracelet can become not only an accessory to an everyday outfit but also more elegant evening clothes. New ideas for the desing of cuff bracelets, guarantee their continuous popularity.  Our choice of bracelets is wide. We offer hundreds if not thousands of different designs for every occasion. It’s worth mentioning that silver bracelets, due to their durability, beauty and reasonable price are very popular piece of jewellery. However, even the most beautiful bracelet should be well chosen, to fit the outfit and give it a special touch.


Silver Chain Bracelet

This is perhaps the most popular type of bracelet. it’s almost entirely made of small, silver links or line chains, and sometimes completed by a single charm. These bracelets can be worn with both formal and more causal clothes. They also can be put together with other more colourful bracelets.


Conservative Office Style 


One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is how to take a look from day to night—sans the hour-long commute back to your closet.  Of course, you can always lug a duffle to work and attempt a full wardrobe change in the bathroom stall of a nearby watering hole.


Timeless and very cute-this type of bracelet is very often chosen as a present for someone important, and worn as addition to evening gown. They go perfectly with bead necklaces and pearls. By choosing a beaded bracelet you’re adding more elegance and sophistication to your look.


“As evidenced above, I cannot get enough of LAGOS’s bracelets, which are understated enough to wear to the office, but all coordinate perfectly, transforming into amazing statement pieces when stacked together for an evening look. ”

Dodane 02/09/2018


Bransoletki rockowe

The last season was the best testimony that rock style becomes more and more fashionable. The fashion designers, large international chains and jewellery makers, all followed that trend. A well picked up bracelet is a perfect addition to a rock band t-shirt, leather jacket or skinny jeans.

This combination will result in a unique style that will make you stand out in the crowd, and is ideal not only for a concert but also a casual meeting with friends.