Maintain / check the vehicle before starting the journey

Traveling through Vietnam is a journey of more than a thousand kilometers, so it is certain that vehicle inspection and maintenance are necessary. You need to prepare carefully for this part.

Before going to the car, it is necessary to check and maintain the car, the worn tires need to be changed and nitrogen pumped to reduce the heat. Secondly, the car must be a very good choice, full of quality accessories from the tires, jacks, flashlights, car accessories, … The third is the electric pump: in case the tire misses. handle the nail, you can still pump up about 10km to find a repair site. Fourth, there are two spare tires: in case there are two adjacent tire bursts before reaching the car repair. Thursday is to make sure the gas is always full, need to refuel when the signal lights or when the gas needle moves back to the E.

Denim Jacket

Denim fever never dies. And a denim jacket is not just a must-have summer garment, it’s also versatile and easy to style. Work a white tee with a pair of denims and pull over that denim jacket for a casual look. Denim-on-denim is another trend that is perfect for summertime. Be it a washed piece, one with floral embroidery or a longline one, a denim jacket spells comfort from every seam.

Prepare full luggage

Some of the following items must be brought with you during the trip such as identification, clothing, medical supplies, car repair tools, and especially a paper map showing the intersection routes. through which you intend to go through.

In addition, you also need to prepare enough drinking water to ensure you are not dehydrated, always alert, and refreshed. As soon as the water runs out, you should stop buying. Snacks such as biscuits, chocolate, sausages, milk are also suitable to bring in the room when hungry but have yet to find a restaurant. Going with children, candy is a great way to keep them obedient and obedient.
Moreover, traveling by car without a tent is very frustrating, if you intend to camp, you can bring a large tent, or just enough for the whole group, from sleeping bags, sheets to lamps, tent. In terms of food, rice, instant noodles, sausages, canned fish, canned meat and pate are still the most convenient options.

„”The first prerequisite is that his „mobile home” must be maintained in the best and most careful way in every detail. Items to carry must be complete, but neat and convenient is the best standard. You can bring simple cooking utensils such as mini gas stoves, pots, bowls and cups, disposable cups to prepare your own dishes in case you are in the wilderness or cannot find a restaurant you like. Take regular photos, share, and keep in touch with your loved ones so they always know where you are and where you are going.”

England. on May 27 2019

About eating

It is best to bring snacks, or choose family-style meals, restaurants in the street, avoid eating on the road because of abdominal pain or food poisoning. Before going, make a list of the local specialties and places to eat. Or if you want to cook for yourself, you just need to prepare: mini gas stove, spare gas bottle, pot, bring the necessary spices. Prepare some seasoned food. It is important to never lack drinking water, especially mineral water.

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