During use, no one guarantees 100% safety for the device. There are times when we accidentally drop, break the glass, the back of the device, and damage the software inside.

Not only help protect and beautify the machine. The cases also help limit the dust on the surface of the phone and reduce scratches. In particular, the cleaning of the cladding is also very easy. You just need to remove the cover, use a light cotton towel to absorb a little water, and scrub away the dirt and the new cover is like the original. So far, Apple has released a lot of iPhone lines starting from iPhone 2g until now has released the iPhone 12, so the fact that those who do not spend on the iPhone can be mistaken for an inevitable thing when starting to use iPhone and go with that is choosing an iPhone case to suit its size.

The material of the phone cases is also something that you have to consider when choosing to buy iPhone cases, each material of different cases will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

The case models are designed in accordance with the ratio and size of the iPhone, Rich in products and designs, but the selling price for this is quite cheap, thanks to that, these cases are popular use is easy to receive.

iPhone 12 is designed with a magnetic layer on the back of the body and the charging base MagSafe, this is easy to interfere with charging. So, for more safety, you should choose magnetic cases to ensure a secure connection. Do not choose a case for an iPhone 12 that is too thick - in fact, in the thick cases, you will feel the body is always protected. However, the thick case will partly affect the wireless charging on the iPhone 12. Because the thick case without the addition of a magnet ring leads to the inhalation between the charging dock and the back of the iPhone 12 is not stable. As well as affecting the heat dissipation, it can lead to overheating, causing battery bottles.

Choose a genuine case - You can easily compare a genuine case with a cheap case. You will of course see a marked difference between the two. Do not be shy about the prices of brands that are known by "what money". Because they build a prominent brand with optimal quality products with clear standards. You only need to invest once that can be used for many years.

However, many people, instead of having to spend a large amount of money, only need a small amount of money to own an iPhone 12 case. Because of its beautiful design, cheap price, magic ... easily attracts users. And of course, with these cases, the time you use is also limited. Because the quality has not been safely censored.

To know for sure the feeling when using it, you should try it on the case and feel the beautiful case that when it feels uncomfortable, you should not buy it in a hurry.

SCOTT N. on May 27 2018


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