Keys to a good portrait

On the contrary, there are other aspects that influence when it comes to achieving a portrait of those that leave you breathless, that captivate you from the second zero, that catch you without knowing why, that removes you I don’t know what inside when you see them, it doesn’t matter if it’s from an old man, a girl, from the corner fishmonger or from the chief of the tribe you met on your last trip.


Why natural light?

And why not? Natural light basically offers more natural, warmer and closer results. Because, unless it is a professional model, your model will feel much more comfortable if you do not point it with a flash or any artificial light device.

Because you don’t have to carry artificial lighting devices if you want to go outside, because you don’t always have them on hand or they are available.


The magic of the sunset


There is a magical moment throughout the day that no matter where you are, the light is perfect. The light is very nice and appropriate to make your portraits. If you want a specific place, be patient and wait for this moment.


Does all this mean that you cannot take portraits with hard light? Not at all. Perhaps what you need to show the soul of your portrayed is a hard light, or zenith.

A diffuse light like the one I have provided with these examples may not be the most appropriate.


Now it’s your turn, go out to practice, to explore all these places and other similar ones that you can think of. Do you want to add someone else? Do you feel like telling us some experience with portraits?

Mercedes 8 December, 2016


Your next unmissable photographic appointment

As photography lovers we could not miss this phenomenon, so today I am going to compile the articles that we have dedicated in the blog to astronomical photography, so that you have everything you need to successfully photograph this supermoon and also enjoy She with your inseparable friend, your camera.