More color please!

The colors continue with everything, composing environments and giving life to the monochrome walls. And if color is synonymous with attitude, one of the world’s largest retailers in furniture and home furnishings has brought proof of this in its catalog.

In 2020 IKEA brings more colorful versions to the kitchens, both in furniture and home appliances that make up this environment! Bet on this type of product for your store to market in 2020.

Technology as inspiration

As in other consolidated sectors,  startups  are causing a major disruption in the decoration segment.

That’s why pioneering and innovation is part of the trend trend for 2020.

To represent this bias, soft shades of green, such as the new and famous “ neomint ”, can be used in any type of environment and tend to compose every room in a home or office , giving it a modern and elegant look.

Combined distinct patterns

For this, invest in the purchase of products with different patterns and textures, for example, this decoration in high and that uses „tone on tone”. Different prints also create a movement and can be used from pillows to even wallpapers,the hot with the cold, the light with the dark and so on!


Materials such as wood, bamboo, straw, wicker and ceramics, as well as nature-reminiscent colors such as earthy tones and even blue, help to balance the way we seek in our homes after a busy day.

“SGI Sistemas is a technology and management company specialized for over 20 years in retail, furniture and decoration management. Solid, the retail reference management system, has just been relaunch in a 100% web version with everything the retailer needs to grow without losing control..”

by Solididus Smart

Nature and sustainability on the rise

The tip here is to invest in this trend of good and seek suppliers that make correct choices, after all, consumers are watching and can value this when choosing a store to buy. To do this, prioritize environmentally conscious partners and even take advantage of positioning your store as a contributor to a better world!