Buying jewelry is not always as simple as it may seem

because no jewelry whether it’s made from silver, gold or any other material looks or feels the same on each person. Keeping the color and tone of the skin in mind, the right question before buying anything is, “How Can You Choose the Right Jewelry & Gems That Match Perfectly with your Skin Tone.”

For Warm Skin Tones

Women with warm complexion are identified as having veins of a greenish color. The tone of your skin in the reflection of the mirror tends to have a yellowish or golden peach color.

The warm and tanned skins perfectly compliment metals like yellow gold. They can also wear silver and white gold or gems like Golden Beryl, Amber, Tourmaline, Emeralds, Jades, Malachite, and Turquoise that looks appealing on people with darker skin tones.

Brown, Olive or Honey-colored Skin Tones

People with olive or radiant Mediterranean skin are fortunate to look good with almost anything. If you want to add touches of color to your jewelry collection, what stands out best with cool skin are gems with a scale of colors that goes from red to blue.


Now that you know what the right jewelry for your skin tone is, we would suggest that you try wearing jewelry that matches the color of your eyes.

Other interesting metals, especially in summer, are copper and brass, with which you can create incredible jewelry combinations and results.

“Hazel eyes are better complimented by green gemstones such as peridot or emerald. Green gemstones such as emerald or jade are perfect for green eyes.”


Skin Tones – Do they really matter?

The idea of wearing jewelry on the skin is to feel special, unique and relevant so wear anything that you think looks best on you. When choosing a jewel that best suits your skin tone, make sure that it means something to you or to the person for whom you buy it. Whether a birthstone, a pendant or ring, buy only the jewelry and gems that elevate your class, & style in every context.