Lightweight Duster Jacket

A duster jacket in linen or cotton is the best summer layering piece. Work them with a pair of voluminous trousers and long shirt or throw it over a crop top and a pair of culottes. Whatever your pick, we can guarantee you it’ll be perfect to keep you cool.

At WODROB, we’re all about comfortable dressing that’s also pretty chic. Who are we kidding…the ‘I don’t want to be too dressy’ days don’t spare fashionistas either. If there’s 1 tip we must dole out today so you can work an outfit on a not-too-stylish day, it’ll be about adding the right layers. But with the damned summer, a garment you’d want to tuck away into the corners of your wardrobe is the good-old jacket. Well! Not really. When you’re thinking summer layers, a lightweight jacket is a perfect layering piece. In case you’re wondering how, we’ve got proof. Read on as we give you a rundown on the ultimate layer that’s legit summer-friendly —  the summer jacket. Oh! And we’re giving you a range of curated pieces to shop from as well.

Denim Jacket

Denim fever never dies. And a denim jacket is not just a must-have summer garment, it’s also versatile and easy to style. Work a white tee with a pair of denims and pull over that denim jacket for a casual look. Denim-on-denim is another trend that is perfect for summertime. Be it a washed piece, one with floral embroidery or a longline one, a denim jacket spells comfort from every seam.

Summer Bomber Jacket

Are we the only ones who think that a bomber jacket is perfect 365 days? If we seriously start scouting, we’ll surely come up with ample proof that celebrities and your favourite bloggers think just the same.

Whoever said checks for men are boring has surely been living in a bubble. Earlier men wore Scottish kilts or even the Madras checks (originally seen only on gamchas), and now, checks have now become the uniform of sophistication as well as a trend of a lifetime. For the uninitiated, this pattern comes in many styles — Madras checks, gingham, city checks, plaids, you are definitely spoilt for choice.
If you are a man in your 20s or are shopping for a man who is in his 20s, there is nothing better than checks for a look that will set you (or him) apart from the crowd. Forget the same old checked shirt and jeans look. Try something new this season. We have some ideas that you may like.

“The one sartorial technique that suits men to the max is layering. It’s just so easy and honestly, one can can never go wrong with it. With checks as well, layering is an interesting option. Blazers are the answer to dressy outfits, and jackets make for casual layering. With men, it goes without saying that if one piece is patterned, you should keep the others simple. So with a checked shirt, the pants and jacket or blazer should ideally be solid, faintly-printed or textured.”

England. on May 27 2019

Hip-Hop Groove

One trend that men have picked up lately is joggers. If you’re also someone who is fond of the athleisure fad and love joggers, don’t fret… we can surely find a way to team it up with checks. You don’t always need to adorn that oversized jersey. An unusual shirt, cap sleeves, or grungy tee, layered with big city checks, preferably in a loose weave is what we recommend. You can further spruce up this look by adding layers to it as well. A bomber jacket maybe, or even a jumper.