The industrial style has resurfaced and prevails as one of the most important trends of the moment . 

It has its origin in the 50s, specifically in New York, where young artists left the city in search of new spaces and created their homes in abandoned factories. This is where the popular open concept houses that we know today as lofts arise .

Knowing its history, you can imagine empty and not very cozy houses, but in reality, its essence is radically opposite. This style is a display of creativity that puts into practice the most avant-garde ideas, for this reason it becomes a very successful trend. From SKLUM ,We want to help you put your house to the last and we give you the keys to industrial decoration . Do not miss it!


Bet on open spaces

Industrial style and the concept of open space arise at the same time, so they are closely related. Open spaces with high ceilings and large windows that allow the passage of natural light. The internal structure of the house is not hidden and beams and pipes are visible. Although it may seem a lie, such a place can become very cozy.


The brick walls


If there is something that characterizes the industrial style are the brick walls seen . It is preferable to keep the original, but, if it is not possible, the coverings and wallpaper are now very fashionable. The effect is very successful! Another star material is concrete, with which they cover from floors to countertops.


Within the industrial style there are also some vintage touches. Above all, it happens with furniture, since popular models of the 50s or 70s are imposed. The avant-garde chairs gain ground and become the protagonists of the decoration. In our online store you can find a wide selection, including the desired IMS chair.


How to decorate the Japanese style is an increasingly popular trend among people looking for a well-lit home, practical and without the need for excess ornamentation. Features that define oriental aesthetics very much.”

Hansara shared on May 12, 1991


Combine wood and metal

Metal and steel are basic industrial decoration . It may seem that they provide coldness, so they are usually mixed with wood, and if it maintains its natural appearance, much better. A beautiful table of this style, you can add the character that your house needs. Our proposal is the HEM table with vintage touches , which combines design and functionality.