Getting dressed in the 80s

Many of us have already done so because they have lived that era fully, others intend to do so perhaps because they will take part in a themed party .

The fashion of that period, however, still does not fail to arouse curiosity, to amaze and, why not, to attract. As it happens for many other styles and many other trends, even the 80s clothing is occasionally re-presented by tailors and stylists.

Some suggestions: Casual fashion

Here is a first proposal not too difficult to make for those who want to put together 80s clothes without going to rummage in wardrobes and trunks. Even today it is still easy to find leggings, but in this case we will have to look for models that reach the maximum mid-calf. As for materials and colors, everything can be fine: from lace to lurex, from cotton to leather, from bright shades to metallic shades. We will combine these trousers with decolleté strictly ending in a point and obviously equipped with a stiletto heel that is not really easy to wear. Better to lean towards the patent leather models, once again it doesn’t matter whether black or brightly colored. Finally, worn a nice short top or a sweater of some larger size, we will have brought back a perfect 80s style in our lives .

Summer boots

Shoes in the 80s represented a vital point in defining your look. Among the most popular models we cannot fail to mention sneakers. It will seem strange to those who have not lived in that historical period: but they were really trendy !

More graceful were the stiletto heels that, as we have seen, were combined a bit with everything. However, when it was intended to slightly dampen the sensuality of this type of shoe it was worn with a leisurely white sock with a laced hem.

In the male version this model was often adopted and re-proposed by Michael Jackson who loved to show off shoes of a beautiful shiny black on which socks stood, obviously with a less feminine cut, rigorously white.

“There are many looks in vogue in the 80s that today we could indulge ourselves in recreating and perhaps the easiest way to clarify the ideas in this regard is to look for magazines, posters or photos of the time that portray the fashion icons of the time. We will certainly have to inspire them, but this does not mean harnessing the imagination anyway….”

Fashion Amazing – on Jul 18, 1980

Men and 80s fashion

The men wore elegant haute couture clothes or, conversely, very, very casual clothes or even the usual mixed fried between the two trends.

Their wardrobe never lacked moccasins without socks, suspenders, suits in pastel shades perhaps combined with a t-shirt, military textures to show off in an often ironic and disengaged key, watches fixed on the cuffs of unlikely shirts, whimsical ties, cardigans, oversized jackets , nails, sweatshirts and jeans.