We are women and for us appearing is everything in life

We often think that women’s eyeglasses are unsightly and for this reason many of us happen to take them off in the photos, on important occasions, during our first date, in short, these glasses seem to spoil the image.

In reality, this is not the case: there are precise indications to follow in order to find the most suitable frame for our face and for this reason I have chosen to help you choose the perfect frame for you.


So how do we choose the perfect women’s eyeglasses for our face?

Simple, first of all we need to frame the shape of the face: square, round, oval or triangular and this will be our starting point to start playing, creating new balances and harmonious combinations.

Each face wants its own eyewear: square faces are perfectly suited to soft, round and oval frames, which soften the lines and make them immediately sweeter.


Round faces

Round faces appear better with frames with more squared or sinuous cat-eye shapes . The oval and triangular faces, on the other hand, are more fortunate and can have fun as they want, but with the only particular attention to keep away from the thin frames.


All the glasses we wear should be as wide as the face and end above the cheek bone with some exceptions though: nickel glasses or those with round lenses should be a little smaller. On the contrary, on the other hand, retro-style glasses or with cat or butterfly frames must be much wider.


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Autumn women’s eyewear frames

Ideal for women with golden or peach skin, dark hair with red and golden reflections and dark brown, green-brown or green eyes.
The shades we recommend are the warmer ones, which come closest to autumn colors such as brown, orange, dark red, vanilla or green.