Studious, Brainy Look

Saying that girls with glasses are brainier makes just as much sense as saying that guys with mustaches are creepier. But somehow, a woman wearing a pair of spectacles does appear to be the studious type. One who has much more important things going through her mind than what she’s going to wear on her next date and one with whom you can talk about a lot of stuff.


An attractive girl with glasses

One thing you can say for sure about a girl with glasses is that she couldn’t care less about what people think about how she looks. Moreover, if she really is a nerd, she is one who fully embraces her nerdy side. For those who are interested, there is a bold statement here: “Accept me the way I am or try somewhere else!”

If you think that glasses would stop a girl from looking hot, well, think again. Glasses don’t diminish a women’s beauty, rather in many instances, the opposite is true. If you still don’t buy that, just ask yourself, do you think guys with glasses are any less hot than the ones without them? I know what your answer is.

“I could never figure out why I was more attracted to girls who wore glasses when their glasses were on rather than off. This is the best explanation I’ve heard so far. Thank you for your insight.”

Robert Gaebel

Glasses Are No Longer Considered To Be a Bad Thing

Long gone are the days when glasses were viewed as something to be embarrassed of. Besides the fact that every third person has an eye sight issue these days, celebrities have started showing up on red carpets and TV shows with glasses on and it has become more of a fashion symbol than a remedy to fix bad eyes.