At some point in your life jewelry becomes a cherished part of it

It was the horse pin my grandmother gave me when I was ten. I really wanted a real horse, but that pin let me know that she understood me and supported my crazy horse love.

I cherished that pin and years later in my first Western Horsemanship (your skill as a rider on a horse using a Western saddle,) class at Earl Warren Show Grounds, I wore that pin with pride. Yes it was on a borrowed horse, because my horse wasn’t good enough to compete, but I had a horse! And I was living my dream. That pin symbolized my dream.

What is a Personal Jeweler?

Being a Personal Jeweler among other things, means being on your side, as opposed to just trying to sell you something that is conveniently there in the display. A Personal Jeweler really gets to know you.

A Personal Jeweler will search for what you want or custom make it.  They rarely says “no.” You might hear them say “I can’t do that, but I know who can.” But they won’t say “no” just because they can’t do it for you and don’t want you going elsewhere.

A luxury jewelry

In your search for the jeweler that is a good fit, it may help you to know some basic types of jewelry-ers you may meet in your search for the right jeweler. As a Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler, these are the types of Jewelry-ers as I see it. If I have left out a category let know and I’ll add it.

These types of stores often carry jewelry “lines.” A line is a number of stylistically related design pieces made by the same, often well-known designer. Jewelry of this type is usually more artistic and better made. Often the store is the exclusive representative for the designer or designers within a particular geographic area. Frequently, Boutique stores look more like art galleries than jewelry stores.

“Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.”

About Calla Gold

The Jeweler Without Walls or Personal Jeweler

Jewelers of this sort visit their clients at their homes, places of work, and other convenient locations. They don’t have a store. They are flexible. Their clients value personalized service and rely on such a jeweler for custom designs and repair work that some jewelry stores don’t provide. Calla Gold Jewelry follows this model.